‘Never Say Goodbye’ Brings Cinematic Experience on Primetime TV

Set in beautiful locations across Baguio City, new romantic drama "Never Say Goodbye" brings together stellar cast and a powerful script set against breathtaking location. Beginning January 28, this new cinematic experience will hit primetime television via TV5.

Never Say Goodbye Title Card

Colorful blooms in a rose farm paint the entangled love stories of Cesar Montano, Alice Dixson, Gardo Versoza and Ms. Nora Aunor; also introducing in the series are “Artista Academy” winners Vin Abrenica and Sophie Albert, with Edgar Allan Guzman.

In a desperate attempt to run away from an arranged match by her mother, Kate (Sophie Albert) flees to Baguio. There she’ll stay at The Manor Hotel where she will meet a young man named William (Vin Abrenica). As the young man tries to help the damsel in distress, he decides to bring her to his hometown. Little did they know that their lives are connected by deep wounds from the past. William’s mother, Marta (Nora Aunor), was framed by Kate’s mother Criselda (Alice Dixson), for a crime she did not commit. What made things worse was that Marta’s former flame Javier (Cesar Montano) married Criselda. Betrayed, Marta’s heart has become full of hate. All these happened while being pregnant with Javier’s child. While being transported to another penal community, Marta escapes and meets Dindo (Gardo Versoza), who assumed the role of her child’s father.


Embittered because of the past, Marta forbids William from being with Kate. However, the young lovestruck couple do whatever it takes to find happiness together. Will their love story achieve a happy ending? Despite their love, what happens if one is forced to say goodbye?

“Never Say Goodbye” is directed by Mac Alejandre. It will air on January 28, 2013 on TV5, after “Kidlat.”

Watch the full trailer here:

Never Say Goodbye Trailer

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