‘Sosy Problems’ Style Guide Revealed

Siblings Daryl and Andre Chang are two of most popular style icons in the Philippines. Add to that, Daryl is also currently the fashion editor of PREVIEW magazine and is a columnist of the Philippine Star. Daryl and Andre are the stylists for the GMA Films movie, “Sosy Problems,” which is an official entry to the 2012 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). The movie stars Heart Evangelista, Solenn Heussaff, Bianca King and Rhian Ramos with Aljur Abrenica.

Andre and Daryl gave each lead stars of “Sosy Problems” a distinct fashion and style.

“Daryl and I really made it clear that each of the girls should have a distinct style based on the characters that they are portraying,” said Andrei.

Rhian Ramos 4

Rhian Ramos

“With Rhian, she’s kinda like the leader of the group so she’s like the very directional, trendier, trendsetter. Her choices are very bold, very “now,” very “current.” She also wears very figure-hugging clothes, she likes also to wear directional shapes, button-down shirts, etc. There’s that one favorite look that we did for her. In that scene, she was with her dad, they’re in a stable, she was wearing a button-down shirt with a red Putnam skirt so that’s a very cool look. She likes also wearing bold statement neckpieces.”

Bags: Hermes, Celine

Heart Evangelista 2

Heart Evangelista

“For Heart, she’s like the classic, very lady-like style so her colors are mostly pastels and white, and she always wears her headband – that’s her trademark look in the movie. It’s kinda sexy but still very feminine as well. With her bags, we want them to be very classic so she’s always carrying a Chanel or Dior. For jewelry, she’s not keen on the very statement type of jewelries, hers is very subdued but very classy like diamond earings, thin gold bracelets, layered bangles, very thin layered rings, and the like.”

Bags: Chanel, Dior

Solenn Heussaff 3

Solenn Heussaff

“For Solenn, we saw her to have this like very grunge style. We incorporated different elements from like surfwear, etc. There was this scene in the movie where the girls arrived in the Polo Club in different vehicles – Rhian arrived in a helicopter, Heart in a sportscar, Solenn arrived in a Ducati – so Solenn’s style is partly “biker chic.” She wears dark clothes that are contrasted in neons, pink splatters, etc. For her accessories, she wears leather bracelets with silver studs.”

Bags: Balenciaga

Bianca King 3

Bianca King

“Bianca’s style is like that of a “retro” girl. In all of her scenes, she is seen wearing prints, specifically vintage-inspired prints. And her silhouette is usually a fitted top and layered with a full skirt. You don’t see her wearing a bodicon dress. She’s always has this vintage, prim-and-proper look. She’s always seen wearing a belt and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag.”

Bags: Louis Vuitton

Watch comedy and fashion blend on the silver screen in GMA Films’ “Sosy Problems,” which is now showing in hundreds of theatres nationwide.

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