2012 Covergirl of the Year – Meet the 12 Finalists and Vote!

We picked the 12 finalists based on elegance and impact. You’ll pick the winner for 2012 Covergirl of the Year!

From the magazine covers released by Maven, FHM, Playboy, Rogue, Flique, Sense and Style, Woman Today, Cosmopolitan, METRO, Mega, Meg, Preview, Women’s Health, MOD, Esquire, Fitness, StarStudio, Chalk, Look, Luxe, Inside Showbiz, and YES! for 2012, we picked the 12 finalists that will vie for your vote. Voting instructions are located on page 2.

The Top 12 picks for “Covergirl of the Year” in alphabetical order (by name) are:

Angelica Panganiban – Cosmopolitan August 2012

Angel Locsin – Cosmopolitan December 2012:

Anne Curtis – METRO March 2012

Bea Alonzo – Cosmopolitan January 2012

Heart Evangelista – MEG September 2012

Iza Calzado – METRO September 2012


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