One Minute Movie Review: ‘A Secret Affair’

"A Secret Affair" is a crowd-pleasing romantic drama with hard-hitting dialogues delivered by finely wrought characters.


Main Cast: Andi Eigenmann, Anne Curtis, Derek Ramsay
Supporting Cast: Jaclyn Jose, Jackie Lou Blanco
Director: Nuel Naval
Genre: Romantic Drama
Released by: Viva Films
MTRCB Rating: R-13

Synopsis: Rafi (Anne Curtis) is happily committed to her lovely partner in life, Anton (Derek Ramsay). She’s a bachelorette from a rich family, who belongs to the “Friday Club”, the regular get-together of her college friends. Rafi is an attention-getter because of her in and out beauty and impressive credentials. But one day, a major life decision shifts everyone’s impression of her. Sam (Andi Eigenmann), a rebellious, carefree and happy-go-lucky woman, who thinks that she can get away with her every dilemma. However, her perspectives turn 180 degrees when she meets the man who unexpectedly changes her life. –Viva Films.

The Positive: “A Secret Affair” is said to be the follow up to the highest-grossing Pinoy drama of all time–“No Other Woman”–and just one of numerous movies about infidelity and love triangle that Pinoy moviegoers seem to relate to, but this one has a twist that avoids a cliche ending.

Nuel Naval is like a sensitive Chef who brings the goods on the table, giving high priority to the viands that the customers would like to eat more. In the movie, it’s the catty lines and the cat fight between two stylish leading women, the edgy dialogues between the supporting female character and the woman in distress, and an almost-naked-all-the-time leading man.

Thanks to the main cast who exuded a screen chemistry that makes the film so much watchable. They also performed very well. The tweak that has been made to make the role of Sam fit to Andi Eigenmann (the role that was supposed to be for KC Concepcion) is impeccable. Her acting is quite good, too!

The Negative: We’ve seen this premise–two women fighting over some guy–too many times before. Good thing it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Memorable Line: “Kaya kabit ang tawag sa kanila kasi daig pa nila ang epoxy kung kumabit. Kaya querida kasi mga kiri. Kaya mistress kasi nakaka-stress.”




“A Secret Affair” Trailer:

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