‘The Mistress’ is Now the 2nd Pinoy Movie in History to Surpass the P300 Million Mark at the Box Office

According to a report by Star Cinema, "The Mistress" starring John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo has already grossed P300 million worldwide making its lead stars both shoo-ins for Box Office King and Queen, respectively.

The feat makes “The Mistress” the second Filipino movie in history to surpass the elusive P300 million at the box office and it has the potential to become the highest-grossing Pinoy film of all time since it’s still screening in theaters (fourth week).

The romantic drama from Star Cinema is now poised to break the box-office record of the Vice Ganda-starrer, “The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin,” which earned a whopping P342 million last year and the “Box Office Phenomenon” title for the gay comedian.

Can “The Mistress” break the box-office record of “Praybeyt Benjamin”?

8 Comments on ‘The Mistress’ is Now the 2nd Pinoy Movie in History to Surpass the P300 Million Mark at the Box Office

  1. uo mabuhay c Maria

  2. the mistress for the win!!this movie was so intense and great!!this is might be cliche but this movie is very much worth watchin’ ..!!story (which is very cohesively written),down to the stellar cast, dialogue,cinematography and of course the soundtrack of this movie is wonderful!!kudos to the star cinema and staff behind it (can I hear a bonus?!hahaha) bea-john loyd team did it again!!
    tama mas worth pang maging #1 to!!!i don’t have nothing against with vice but his lst flick is very so-called!!!(hey!this is democtratic country so respect my views!!deal with it..)
    for sure it can surpass what the vice-starrer earned!!!oh my it still showing for almost 100 cinema!!

  3. Awesome!!!

  4. mabuhay ka magdalena . puro hubaran rape, at bastusan

  5. ABS movies are all for GAYS and KABIT!
    Kung sa bagay ang dami naman yan sa ABS!
    Mabuhay ang mga BAKLA at mga KABIT!

    Sana dumami pa ang mga KABIT sa mundo!
    Pag ganoon mas madami ang BROKEN FAMILIES!

  7. go bea and johnlloyd..

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