Meet the Friendly Monsters of ‘Hotel Transylvania’

An aspect of the making of Sony Pictures Animation's new family comedy “Hotel Transylvania” that set it apart was the chance to bring several of the actors together into the recording studio to voice their roles together – responding to each other as they would in a live-action film.

After all, several of the actors, including Adam Sandler, Kevin James, David Spade, and Steve Buscemi, have known each other for years and acted together in several films, and all were excited by the prospect of working together on a film that everyone in their families could enjoy. “It really doesn’t happen all that often in animation that you are able to bring your voice actors together,” says producer Michelle Murdocca. “It was really fun to see Adam Sandler playing off of Kevin James, and Kevin playing off of David Spade. It was the beginning of them creating these characters and personalities together – it helped make the characters really funny and really emotional.”

Kevin James voices the role of Dracula’s best friend Frankenstein—an oversized working man with an even bigger heart. It’s been a long time since this monster stormed through the countryside, frightening villagers and constables alike. Now, he’s an unassuming married man who loves his adoptive family, Dracula (Sandler) and Mavis (Selena Gomez).

“He can be funny and loving and endearing and sweet – he shows us the true Frankenstein, who he is at heart,” says Murdocca. “But make no mistake – he is also a big guy who you do not want to mess with. That doesn’t come out too often in our movie, but when it does, you better watch out.”

“Frank seems like a big, tough guy, but there are times when he goes to pieces,” says James. “I mean literally. Like to travel, he actually comes apart and gets packed in several suitcases… which is not fun at baggage claim.”

Steve Buscemi lends his voice to Wayne the werewolf, a miserable data processor by day and a put-upon father by night. He and his wife Wanda have produced litter after litter of pups, and as a result, he barely has the energy to get through a day and has lost most of his sense of smell from a barrage of poopie diapers. So even though he arrives with his misbehaved children and pregnant wife in tow, Wayne can’t wait for his vacation at Hotel Transylvania to begin.

“Wayne is the classic dad – the guy who works all day and just wants to come home to a little peace and quiet, only to find that the kids are just getting started and ready to jump all over him,” says Buscemi. “OK, that’s one thing, if you’ve got one, two, three kids – but fifty-something?”

The infamous Invisible Man has a name, and it’s Griffin. He’s good at lurking, and because no one can see him, he has a frustrating habit of blindsiding his friends. He’s always ready with a funny quip… but while he can dish it out, he can’t take it – he’s really sensitive, especially about his curly red hair.

“Griffin’s problem is that he’s often overlooked. But it’s not his fault – it’s just that he’s invisible,” says Murdocca. “He’s perfect for David Spade – acerbic, dry, witty, but also really good-natured.”

“Griffin loves going on vacation. He’s extremely handsome and has a killer body. At least, that’s what he tells me, and I’m not gonna disagree,” says Spade.

Recording artist CeeLo Green voices Murray the Mummy, a big bandaged guy, who’s actually larger-than-life. As a former entertainer to the great Pharaohs of Egypt, Murray is extremely likable, boisterous and always the center of every party. Living most of the year deep inside an Egyptian tomb, every time he arrives at Drac’s hotel, he is ready to PARTY! He’s a ball of fun, and uses humor to avoid confrontations, which he stays away from at all costs.

“CeeLo Green killed it, right from the first day,” says Murdocca. “He’s a really honest, sweet guy, and that comes across in his performance and his character. He’s just a big, cuddly, loveable mummy, looking for love.”

Opening across the Philippines on Friday, Sept. 28 in Digital 3D and regular theaters, “Hotel Transylvania” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

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