TV Hosts Reveal Their True-to-Life Shocking Stories on The 700 Club Asia

Even the most respected and most successful media personalities have their own share of secrets and untold stories. From September 10-14, the daily inspirational show The 700 Club Asia will feature the true-to-life accounts of its respected hosts.

A veteran in the broadcast industry, who would have thought that Mari Kaimo once lived as a TNT in New York and that his wife got jailed. How did they manage to survive?

From a former packaging tape boy to a well-known and respected broadcaster, discover how The 700 Club Asia co-host Alex Tinsay travailed his way to success.

Is there a chance that a womanizer and gambler would have a complete turn-around and become a changed man? The 700 Club Asia host Peter Kairuz knows it all.

And how did beauty queen and the show’s guest co-host Miriam Quiambao recovered after her being victimized by a scam?

These and more positive stories of success and transformation are in store for you. Tune in to The 700 Club Asia, September 10 to 14, 11:00 p.m. on GMA NEWS TV. Be encouraged with stories from real people and their life-changing testimonies.

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