Karen Reyes Talks About Teenage Pregnancy

Karen of PBB Teen Edition 4 observed that many of her friends who are of the same age faced pregnancy at a very young age. According to the teen housemate, she is quite confused if this is a ‘new trend’ or teens of today are just more liberated.

“I don’t know why some of us are imprudent. I’m young and I have a lot of dreams; I want to accomplish many things. I can’t imagine having a baby at my age,” Karen shared.

Meanwhile, Binoe, Vhong Navarro and Angel Locsin will join forces in giving Karen an advice about teenage pregnancy on “TODA Max”.

“We must not be impulsive in serious things like having a family; we must be prepared for it.” according to Angel.

This Saturday (August 25) in “TODA Max”, Tol’s (Binoe) niece, Karen, will pay him a visit with her pregnant dog. She will seek advice from Tol, Justin (Vhong) and Isabel (Angel) about the dog’s pregnancy and Lady G (Pokwang) and Tatay Mac (Al Tantay) will overhear it. Lady G will think that Karen is pregnant, while Tatay Mac will think that it’s his daughter, Isabel.

How will Lady G and Tatay Mac react on this? Find out on “TODA Max” with PBB Teen guests Kit and Ryan this Saturday (August 25) after “X Factor Philippines” only on ABS-CBN.

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