Vhong Navarro: ‘Marriage Not Part of Our Plans Yet’

According to comedian Vhong Navarro, he feels very happy with the way things are going for him and his girlfriend of four years. Despite their steady relationship though, he said that marriage is not part of their plans yet.

“We want to really prepare for it so we both decided to give it more time,” said Vhong who refused to disclose the identity of his non-showbiz girlfriend to maintain her quiet and simple life. “I’m not going to introduce her because she likes it this way,” added Vhong.

Contrary to Vhong’s quiet life, in “TODA Max” this Saturday (August 4), Justin (Vhong) will face pressing matters when he decides to hide Diane (Valerie Concepcion) on the roof of his house out of fear that Lady G might find out that Diane is already Tol’s (Robin Padilla) girlfriend. Tatay Mac will use this to try to destroy Justin’s relationship with Isabel (Angel Locsin).

What will happen if Lady G finds out that Tol already has a girlfriend? And what will be Isabel’s reaction on Tatay Mac’s news? Find out in “TODA Max” this Saturday (August 4) after the “X Factor Philippines” on ABS-CBN.

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