Angel’s Temptation on GMA Telebabad (Trailer)

Check out the trailer for GMA-7's upcoming Koreanovela titled "Angel's Temptation."

The new Koreanovela stars Han Sang Jin as Shin Hyun Woo (before plastic surgery), Bae Soo Bin as Shin Hyun Woo (after plastic surgery), Lee So Yeon as Joo Ah Ran, Kim Tae Hyun as Nam Joo Seung, Hong Soo Hyun as Yoon Jae Hee and Kim Dong Gun as Shin Hyun Min.

Here’s the plot of the series:

After the death of her parents, Joo Ah Ran plots to ruin the family that destroyed hers. She seduces and marries the son of her enemy, Shin Hyun Woo, who discovers her plan belatedly. With a new face, courtesy of plastic surgery after meeting with accident, Shin Hyun Woo decides to exact his own revenge upon her.

Pretty interesting right?

“Angel’s Temptation” is coming to GMA Telebabad this August.

Watch the trailer here:

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