‘The Hunger Games’ Home Video to Hit Stores on August 18

Nothing can dictate a Pinoy’s mood and decision-making more than that gastric rumble. A subtle illustration is arguing with someone who has skipped both breakfast and lunch.

You’ll see my point right after the argument. Hunger can, and will control you. So much potency in a six-letter word – something that can drive a movie with hunger in its title to top the box office worldwide. Did I get you salivating for some Tribute action now? Your starvation for a blockbuster will come to an end on August 18, 2012 as C-Interactive Digital Entertainment releases The Hunger Games Home Video in the country.

For those unfortunate souls who are not blessed with interest in this movie adaptation of a bestselling series, which includes Catching Fire and Mockingjay, The Hunger Games is about an undefined future of what is presently North America. Panem, as what the territory is called in the story, is divided into 12 districts where two teenage contestants, called Tributes, are picked to join the annual Hunger Games – a futuristic and sophisticated take on Ancient Rome’s gladiator battles. Katniss, the main protagonist, is a Tribute from District 12 and the eventual winner of the competition. Her skills, charm, story and perplexing romance with fellow District 12 Tribute, Peeta, is the focus of the novel and, of course, the movie.

The most anticipated video release in recent memory is at hand, and C-Interactive Digital Entertainment will make sure your wait will be truly worth it. Exclusive and limited edition Hunger Games items, like the fashionable Mockingjay Pendant and a really neat functional cube will be bundled to the first purchases of Bluray and DVD. Incredibly, you will get all these at only Php 1,995.00 and Php 1,595.00 respectively. Do some research and you’ll see what a steal of a deal this is! The special edition double disc DVD comes with a multi-purpose lanyard and will be yours at only Php 795. Beat the others by making one of the first 300 pre-orders and you will get additional (Yes, on top of the necklace and cube or lanyard!) Hunger Games memorabilia.

The culmination of all these activities will be a Cosplay event to bring the Tributes to life. Visit for the complete list of Hunger Games events and exclusive items up for grabs.

So remember, on August 18, the odds will start to be on your favor.

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Every Hunger Games buff is surely itching to grab a DVD copy of the movie now. The boys can’t wait to see Katniss over and over again while the girls would probably be rooting for either Peeta or Gale, depending on who is more appealing to their tastes. It may be these good guys or possibly the love of hating the wicked President Snow pushing anyone to be a fan of the movie. But whatever your reason is, Hunger Games can now stay still in your room, ready for your viewing caprices.

You have the movie, but we know you still might want some more. So, C-Interactive, the anti-President Snow distribution company who has brought us the Hunger Games Home Videos, is throwing away exclusive items like Character Posters, or Steel Water Tumblers for all aficionados. The first 300 pre-orders of the DVD and Bluray copies are entitled to get any of these really neat items. Neat because their quality is as good as the movie, sure to pass your discriminating taste, something you will display as if Katniss is your girlfriend or Gale is your suitor.

The arrow flew on July 18, 2012 (start of pre-orders) to hit the apple as the release of the video makes way to the stores by August 18, 2012. Mark your calendars, you don’t want to be left behind!

Stay tuned as Starmometer and C-Interactive are giving away four sets of “The Hunger Games” DVDs and premium items!

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