iPhone 5 Photos and Concept Video Hit the Net

iPhone 5 rumors started a year ago when Bloomberg reported that the new version of the iPhone, called iPhone 5, will have a faster A5 processor, an 8-megapixel camera, and support for iOS 5.

The photo above is one of the most convincing iPhone 5 image leaks and it was picked up by 9to5Mac. The technology site reported that they were sent the images of the back of the iPhone 5, a new design with some similarities to the iPhone 4 except for two major changes. First is the camera. The camera of the iPhone 5 is rumored to have been moved to a more central location. The height of the screen is slightly elongated to 3.99 inches because of the adjustment while the width is the same as the previous iPhone.

[Photo Credit: 9to5 Mac]

Secondly, the leaked images appear to have a smaller connector/charging port. According to Technology blog TechCrunch, the new mini connector will downsize from the current 30-pin port to a 19-pin port suggesting that Apple was reducing the size of the iPhone 5 connector to provide space for extra spec.

There’s also another rumor saying that Apple is developing a mass-market version of the iPhone to be sold in a much cheaper price in developing countries.

Video courtesy of aatima studio

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