Kiray Celis on the Idea of Having a Boyfriend: ‘Love is Stressful’

Many fans ask about teen star, Kiray Celis’ love life but she shares that her main priority right now is her studies and career, not having a boyfriend. But she cleared out that she is not a bitter boy-hater unlike Whitney, her character in the hit teen series “LUV U”.

“I just don’t want to be stressed”, said the 17-year old “LUV U” star. When asked about her relationship with her on-screen partner Igi Boy Flores, the teen comedienne said, “Actually, we always joke around about how cute we are together but the truth is, we are just like siblings.”

“LUV U” fans, on the other hand believe otherwise as Rocky (Igi Boy) and Whitney are gradually becoming closer even if they are fighting everyday and even if Whitney often spits out her “I hate boys!” line.

Meanwhile, a half-Filipino guy will visit Lamberto Uy Villarama University and he will instantly fall in love with Whitney. With this, she will feel very beautiful and superior over the rest of the girls in her school.

Will Rocky feel jealous of the new guy in Whitney’s life? Will this guy change Whitney’s beliefs about boys? Join the “LUV U” gang with guest Ivan Dorschner this Sunday (July 22) after ASAP 2012, on ABS-CBN.

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  1. i will love to join the love u gang

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