Goin’ Bulilit Kids Meet Arowana this Sunday

Due to Aryana’s unbeatable stance in primetime, Goin’ Bulilit kids will spoof the famous teenage mermaid that viewers love. “Arowana” is equally charming as Aryana but she would definitely bring in more laughs.

Expect a Sunday full of seashells, mermaid tails and a big bucket of laughs as Arowana swims her way into our hearts.

Not only that, the wacky kids will also pose as grown-ups as they spoof on this timely topic of pre-wedding preparations like building and buying a new house. Goin’ Bulilit will also sketch funny segments such as “Bumper”, “Bert and Willy” and the “OA Familay”.

They will also spoof one of the most famous all-boy group in the world and X Factor Season 7’s third place, One Direction through their own group called the Buwan Direction.

Don’t miss this riot episode of Goin’ Bulilit this Sunday (May 20, 2012) after TV Patrol Weekend.

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