Goin’ Bulilit Pays Tribute to All Mothers this Sunday

Packed with hilarious jokes for youngsters and young-at-hearts, Goin’ Bulilit will surely make your Mother’s Day celebration more worthwhile by delivering jokes and quirks about the love and care of our mothers for us.

Working mom gags such as the Umiiyak na baby (that will spoof the role of our mothers in caring for babies) and Talipapa (that will spoof mothers while buying in wet markets) and Labahan sa poso (that will spoof on how Mothers do the laundry) will tickle our funny bones.

Aside from these, the viral primetime teleserye followed by moms “Princess and I” will be presented as “Princess Inday”.

Goin’ Bulilit Kids are returning their thanks to all mothers through this fun show dedicated to them. Treat your loving mothers by laughing with them with Goin’ Bulilit on Sunday (May 13, 2012), after TV Patrol Weekend, only here in ABS-CBN.

2 Comments on Goin’ Bulilit Pays Tribute to All Mothers this Sunday

  1. kapamilyaks // May 14, 2012 at 5:06 pm //

    waley na naman sa rating ang mga batang toh…sayang ang pondo ng fafa gabby!!

  2. kapamilyaks // May 13, 2012 at 4:15 pm //

    buhay pa pala itong show na to…kawawa naman ang mga batang ito…ang babata pa eh mga corny na magpatawa…sa kadramahan lang talaga mahusay ang dos…

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