The Voice Season 2 Final Performances

Tony Lucca, Juliett Simms, Chris Mann and Jermaine Paul perform one last time vying for the title of "The Voice" season 2 champion.

I think another African American will win The Voice. Yep, I’m talking about Jermaine Paul, Alicia Keys’ former back-up singer. I guess it’s going to be Blake Shelton‘s year after all and not Cee Lo Green as I earlier thought.

On the other hand, Christina Aguilera‘s colleague–Tony Lucca–can make a possible upset. However, he flubbed the lyrics while performing “Harder to Breathe” so it will surely hurt his chance of winning.

Check out the final performances of The Voice Season 2 Final Four:

Chris Mann sang “You Raise Me Up” on The Voice final 4.

Coaches’ thoughts:

Cee Lo Green: You are by far one of the most incomparable vocalists I’ve ever heard.

Christina Aguilera: Tonight is just a celebration. Thank you for raising me up. You comforted me a lot up there.


Juliet Simms sang “Free Bird” on The Voice Finals.

Coaches’ Thoughts:

Adam Levine: I have no grit and my voice, you have all of it.

Cee Lo Green: I have one thing to say, with Juliet Simms on my team I have no problems.

Christina Aguilera: I love your outfit.


Tony Lucca sang “99 Problems” on The Voice Finals.

Coaches thoughts:

Adam Levine: We’re not referring to “girl” problems. It’s a metaphor. (Removes shirt to reveal Team Xtina t-shirt!)

Cee Lo Green: Tony Lucca. I thought it was hard.

Christina Aguilera: I thought you sounded great.

Blake Shelton: I’m a bit confused. A *bleep* ain’t one?


Jermaine Paul sang “I Believe I Can Fly” on The Voice Finals.

Coaches’ thoughts:

Adam Levine: You’re so powerful. So elegant and so pretty.

Cee Lo Green: Perfect song choice for tonight’s event. You look strong like a handsome man with a beautiful voice.

Christina Aguilera: I stood up. You sang with so much heart.

Blake Shelton: My heart is in my throat right now. I feel like I’ve learned from you.

2 Comments on The Voice Season 2 Final Performances

  1. Cee Lo had a nice lineup of powerful singers earlier like Jamar Rogers, Tony Vincent and even Pinay Cheesa(though still needs some improvement yet)……Hoping Juliet gives justice of having her chosen over Jamar.

  2. Earnest Gonzales // May 8, 2012 at 4:03 pm //

    I beg to disagree, Jermaine has the least supporters IMO, it’s between Juliet who’s got a huge fanbase or Chris Mann who owned the night

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