Jake Cuenca Puts One Over Robin Padilla?

Robin Padilla suggests that Filipinos must work double time due to the oil price hike and other other reasons affecting the economy.

He admires overseas Filipino workers (OFW), who renders quality service all over the world. What makes the actor more proud of them is their sacrifice of being away from their families in hopes of giving them a good future. Binoe also cites the OFWs’ contribution to the economy, particularly in making the Peso a stronger currency.

Meanwhile, ON “TODA Max” this Saturday, the people of Beverly Gil’s is also burdened with the oil price hike. This will prompt the town’s tricycle drivers to rally, but Tol (Robin Padilla) won’t join them.

Tricycle driver Felix Bakat (Jake Cuenca) amazes the TODA as he earns a lot of money even on his idle days. He has a secret life of gambling and swindling girls to sustain his vices. What if in his bad habits Tol and Justin Bibbo (Vhong Navarro) will also be put in danger?

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