Sharon Cuneta Bashed by ‘Piolo Fans’ on Twitter

Sharon Cuneta is taking a break from tweeting after being bashed by whom she perceives as "Piolo fans."

Sharon Cuneta blasted her Twitter bashers after receiving nasty messages (and photo) from random users that she perceived as supporters of Kapamilya top actor Piolo Pascual.

Pascual is the ex-boyfriend of Sharon’s daughter, KC Concepcion.

The bashers started to pour in after the Megastar talked about Piolo’s former leading lady Judy Anne Santos, BB Gandanghari and “homosexuality” on Twitter.

She posted:

“ay basta si JUDY ANNE LAHAT NG MOVIES KUMIKITA PA RIN! Mabuting tao kasi walang niloloko”

A certain Jacqueline responded:

“Idadamay pah si juday eh ikaw lang man ang tanga papatol ayan lunukin mo lahat.”

Someone also posted a screencap of a KC-lookalike taken from a porn clip.

Sharon replied and posted a couple of times: “B A K L A” in response to some of the bashers.

Sharon also discussed on Twitter the topic about being a true person and how she admires BB Gandanghari for “outing” his real sexuality.

“I respect BB Gandanghari because totoo syang tao.”

“correct! My friends are gay & decent too. And DI NANLILINLANG.”

Then she posted a blind item:

“may ex nga si BB nung si rustom pa sya kilala ko.”

Then a blogger named Dale Bacar reacted to one of the Megastar’s tweet (You can read his blog post here.):

“I have always been a fan, but this name calling esp. calling people bakla, is really disappointing.”

Cuneta pointed out that she doesn’t have a problem with gays because some of them are her close friends.

“si BB sya fave ko kaya when he came out I supported her all the way. Wala akong problema sa bakla o tomboy, basta di nanloloko at nagpapanggap kasi nakakasakit sa kapwa yun.”

These were her last tweets:

Twitter is a great place for decent people. It isn’t Twitter that brings out the worst in people like me –it’s the other kind of people who do. How very sad for us celebrities and our fans and friends.

Some people are just so disgustingly disrespectful and vile I cannot take it.

napupuno lang kasi masyado nang mga walang urbanidad at respeto ang mga bashers na ito.

hindi, irespeto nyo na lang because I’m not gonna take this sitting down para gawing punching bag

It’s interesting to note that last month, Sharon Cuneta also had an unpleasant encounter with her haters who supposedly made comments about her being “fake” on Twitter.

“My gulay same ole bashers are crowding my page! They are probably panicking bigtime… They all sense that 2012 is gonna be DIFFERENT and big for me!! They’re looking like demons trembling in fear cos they’re about to be cast out! How some people choose to use their time — so unwisely in this case, instead of doing good or for self-improvement — I will never fathom. God sees everything. God is good. And he made me FEISTY!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!”

And then she started firing back at them.

Her response to those who calls her “fake”:

“Funny how some people call u ‘fake’ or ‘plastic’ then when u reply you’re ‘pumapatol!’ They can’t even make up theirlittle minds about what I supposedly am! Defend yourself cos you’re being real, keep quiet & ignore – it’s damned if u do & damned if u don’t.”

Her response to those who call her movies and tv shows “flop”:

“chaka kung makabintang naman yung iba ng “flop” maryosep kala mo nagbilang ng kita!”

“ang bababoy magsalita naman ng mga yan princess grabe. Di ako lumaking nakakarinig ng mga ganyan.”

Her response to those who call her “fat” (via her conversation with friend @princesskat_tee):

Yaan mo na princess bumaligtad man ang mundo di na nila mararanasan kahit 1% ng na-achieve ko! Kaya nga wala nang ginawa mga yan kundi manira at manakit. Papray-ober natin ang sasama ng bibig! Ang taba nawawala pero kababuyan ng ugali mahirap na baguhin grabe! May sanib na devil tuwang-tuwa si satanas sa kanila! Hahaha! Yaan mo na. Ako na ito nandito na ako matagal na kahit ano mangyari kahit magretire ako bukas di na nila mababago yun kahit magpakamatay sila.

And here’s the Megastar’s final statement for her bashers:

“Well — here’s a thought: they focus on ME. And I don’t know who they are (who does?)! So they can pretend to be better but I KNOW I’m a better human-being. I hope they’ve at least changed some lives in their lifetimes, or kahit touched some lives lang. I doubt that they have! Here’s big news for them: YOU HAVE NO POWER. Over me or anyone in this page. Or in this country. Except siguro those littler than u who know you! Soap your mouths! And thanks for all the energy & time & effort that u put into bashing me! I feel so important that I seem to be your scariest threat! family time guys! I slept so well that I dunno how I’ll sleep tonight! Oh, no!!!”

Last November 2011, Sharon Cuneta transferred to TV5 after being a Kapamilya for many years.

Earlier this year, she started using the micro-blogging site Twitter to connect to her fans.

She is slated to make a grand TV comeback via a daytime talk show on the Kapatid Network.

2 Comments on Sharon Cuneta Bashed by ‘Piolo Fans’ on Twitter

  1. Hay, typical pinoys…matatapang pag nasa internet…nakapag rent lang ng pc , nagiging iba na ang attitude….nautusan lang na bumili ng sabon panlaba ng amo, nagawa pang magbash sa twitter….kalungkot pero hayaan mo na sharon, we know that you are way better than those”persons?”…my gulay talaga…daming stressed sa buhay kaya pati ung nananahimik at di naman nila talaga kilala pinagbubuntunan….
    ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone

  2. To my everdearest Sharon Cuneta,
    God gives favor on his children, where you are right now, who you are right now is because you have a God in your heart. I wanted to share you this verse which is the promise of GOD in Joshua 1:5 “No one will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life, as I was with Moses, I will be with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you.” 
    Continue what you have started, no point of proving anybody how good or how bad you are as they say, as long as you know that God is always on your side. Acknowledge him in everything you do, and he will deal with your devourer.
    I just wanted you to know that there is always someone out there whose always praying for you and your family. May the Good Lord continue to shower you with favor and blessings…

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