Exciting Actors Play Greek Gods in ‘Wrath of the Titans’

Joining Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes in Warner Bros.' new fantasy adventure “Wrath of the Titans” are new cast members playing critical roles.

They are Edgar Ramirez (“The Bourne Ultimatum”) as Ares, Toby Kebbell (“Prince of Persia”) as Agenor and Rosamund Pike (“Die Another Day”) as Queen Andromeda.

Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez took on the part of Ares, embittered son of Zeus (Neeson). Resentful of the attention he feels his father has bestowed on his half-brother Perseus (Worthington), the god of war is out for blood.

Ramirez relished the role. “I grew up watching fantasy movies and always had a wish to be in one,” he reveals. “So to play Ares, one of the most prominent Olympian gods and, by definition, the greatest warrior ever, was a chance to fulfill that in a really fun way. Ares enjoys fighting for the sake of fighting; the heat of battle is what ignites this character. He’s violent and aggressive, with a very big ego, yet fragile in a way—his pride is easily deflated by what he perceives to be Zeus’ preference for Perseus, the son who never loved Zeus. Ares feels excluded, so when Hades presents him with an opportunity for revenge, he takes it.”

Another slighted offspring of the gods is Agenor, Poseidon’s (Danny Huston) long lost son who has turned into quite the criminal. Needing his innate expertise on the seas, Perseus seeks out Agenor, and finds him rotting in Queen Andromeda’s battlefield jail.

The role of Agenor, who proves not only a surprisingly strong ally but also provides a fair amount of comic relief on the dangerous endeavor, is played by Toby Kebbell. “My character has no interest in the gods or the fact that he’s a demigod,” Kebbell offers. “He’s been deserted by his father and so he’s turned his back on that world. Perseus brings him around to realizing that it’s their generation’s responsibility to take care of this mess with the powers that they possess. And even though Agenor is nonchalant about it, he knows he’s got an understanding of the sea, given to him by his father, Poseidon, and that Perseus will need him to win this fight. Secretly, he appreciates the respect Perseus has given him. No one else has ever given him that; everyone else just looks on him as a thief, which is fair because he is a thief.”

English actress Rosamund Pike plays Agenor’s captor, Queen Andromeda. The princess of Argos in the previous film, Andromeda inherited the crown after the death of her parents, the king and queen, and has since become a warrior in defense of her kingdom, even as the world collapses around her.

“I liked Andromeda because she felt like a real heroine for girls,” Pike shares. “I think boys have so many action hero role models in films, and there are fewer female characters like that. But Andromeda has changed a great deal from the end of the first film, when she was helpless and needed to be rescued. Now she’s Queen of her country and leading her army in war. She’s a fighter, and is going to make sure she never needs to be rescued again.”

Opening across the Philippines on March 29, “Wrath of the Titans” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

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