Former ‘Sponge Cola’ Drummer Chris Cantada Goes Solo

Chris Cantada is making a comeback in the music industry as a solo recording artist.

Heart conditions, borne out of numerous engagements and fatigue, made former Sponge Cola drummer and back-up vocalist Chris Cantada decide to leave the band around three years ago. However, in his hiatus, he further realized that his heart really belongs to his music.

Because of this, Chris decided to make a comeback in the music industry with his own album Heartbeat. Chris wrote, sang, and played practically all instruments in the said album.

“When I left the band, I worked as an Audio Engineer for Hit Productions, an audio Post-Production house. The job made me see music from a new perspective, but I felt that there was something more,” recounts Chris. “The big turn around was when I suffered from an infection that targeted my heart. I spent two weeks in the hospital, part of it was in the ICU. I realized then that I shouldn’t waste any more time doing other things, except for the one thing he truly was passionate about, and that was music.”

The product of this realization is glaring in Heartbeat.

Doing this solo will give Chris the opportunity to show people that he still has a lot of music left in him. Even with past health issues, Chris will be performing and gigging as much as possible, while still being aware of his limits and working with it.

Hard core Sponge Cola fans will be pleased to know that one unreleased track by the band was revamped by Chris and is now included in the album. The sound of “Heartbeat” is reminiscent of the 90’s alternative rock scene with bands like the Gin Blossoms and Foo Fighters.

Heartbeat is available at all record bars nationwide.

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