Pepito Manaloto tackles circumcision being a male’s rite of passage

CMMA’s Best Comedy Show Pepito Manaloto never fails in giving quality stories that instill moral values to every viewer nationwide.

This Sunday, Pepito Manaloto’s (Michael V) son Chito (Joshua Pineda) experiences bullying in school due to the fact that he’s still uncircumcised. Chito will decide not to attend his classes anymore because of the fear that his classmates will make fun of him.

Being a loving and supportive dad, Pepito will carefully explain to his son the need to undergo circumcision. As they struggle in persuading Chito, they will find out that Patrick (John Feir), Pepito’s good friend, is still uncircumcised in spite of his mature age.

Will Pepito be able to convince Chito and Patrick to go through circumcision?

Join Rich Asuncion, John Regala and Chris Villanueva as they join the happy family of Pepito Manaloto for another informative and hilarious episode this Sunday after 24 Oras Weekend on GMA 7.

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