Public Atorni Settles Cases for Cebuanos in Celebration of First Anniversary

Catch the two-part anniversary special of Public Atorni on September 15 and 22 after AKSYON JournalisMO on TV5.

They say godparents are handpicked by parents to support a child’s upbringing and personal development. And so Chona Martinez, godmother of Jessica, did just that. She was always ready to care for her goddaughter whenever her parents were not around. That’s why it breaks the doting ninang’s heart when a tearful Jessica confided that she was being abused by different men—sold by her own mother no less. Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) chief and people’s attorney, Persida Acosta, flies to Cebu to look after the potential violation of Child Abuse Act and let the complainant and respondent face mediation in the anniversary special of Public Atorni this Thursday after AKSYON JournalisMO on TV5.

After settling more than 100 cases mostly concentrated in Mega Manila, NEWS5’s reality-based on-air mediation program Public Atorni goes to Cebu to be of help to Kapatids in need of legal aid services. The show lets the wheels of justice get unclogged by settling claims and disputes through the mediation of Atty. Acosta.

“I’m personally very happy with this program because this is consistent with the mandate of PAO to encourage battling parties to reconcile through alternative means such as mediation, conciliation and arbitration. The options are clear for them: asunto o areglo (to sue or to settle),” says Atty. Acosta.

Aside from the child abuse case, Public Atorni will also look into three other issues from Cebu, including a theft case involving best buds ‘Ruffa’ and ‘Angel.’ The two are so well-bonded that they almost share the same misfortune, passion and likes. But that passion had created a vacuum—all because of a missing make-up kit.

The mediation on-air show has also conducted a free legal clinic to hear local cases there with the assistance of NEWS5 senior reporter Ina Zara and AKSYON Bisaya co-anchor Lanne Sino Cruz.

Be informed about legal rights. Watch the two-part anniversary special of Public Atorni on September 15 and 22 after AKSYON JournalisMO on TV5. Catch the full and earlier episodes of NEWS5’s public affairs programs from Monday to Friday, 8:30-9:30pm, on TV5’s 24/7 news channel Aksyon TV (Channel 41 in Mega Manila, Channel 29 in Metro Cebu and Davao, Channel 1 on Cignal Digital TV and Channel 59 on Sky Cable).

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