Shamcey Supsup is Now a Shoo-in for the Miss Universe 2011 Crown

Shamcey Supsup is a clear front-runner in the 2011 Miss Universe pageant.

After the preliminaries of Miss Universe 2011 were shown worldwide via Livestream, pageant pundits everywhere now have an idea on who should be the front-runners come finals night of the prestigious pageant on September 12 in Brazil.

Every Top 5 lists have a common denominator: our very own candidate, Shamcey Supsup!

And this is because of Shamcey’s impressive performance in the evening gown competition:

Shamcey Supsup

Pageant website Global Beauties called Shamcey the most elegant in this category giving the Philippine candidate the highest point of 9,95 for her fluid interpretation of the Barraza original.

Shamcey also stood out in the swimsuit competition:

Shamcey Supsup

Pageant experts are calling her the “runway diva” because during the swimsuit preliminary, Shamcey owned the stage. Global Beauties gave her a score of 9,79 in this category which is good for no. 2 among 89 contestants. Miss Greece scored a little higher with 9,83.

Meanwhile, Shamcey is still at the no. 1 position in the poll being conducted by latin website Telemundo beating latina beauties like Miss Venezuela, Miss Nicaragua, Miss Mexico, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Dominican Republic and Miss Brazil. Shamcey has topped this poll even before the start of Miss Universe 2011. She now has 2,000,343 votes to date.

For being the people’s choice and at the same time receiving rave reviews from pageant experts around the world, it is safe to assume that Shamcey Supsup is a shoo-in for the Miss Universe crown. By her performance alone in the preliminaries, she’s all set to duplicate Venus Raj‘s Top 5 feat last year and she might even surpass that. Who knows, Shamcey might become the 3rd Miss Universe winner from the Philippines so keep on praying for her.

28 Comments on Shamcey Supsup is Now a Shoo-in for the Miss Universe 2011 Crown

  1. kay pachicoy // September 13, 2011 at 2:12 pm //

    mabuhay ka shamcey!you are an inspiration to all the filipina women to make the best to excel in the universe…tumataas na tlaga ang ang antas na filipino sa buong mundo…dahil sa karangalan na ibinigay ni shamcey.saludo ako sayo…i love being filpino mabuhay tayong lahat!

  2. vengie villocillo // September 13, 2011 at 1:49 pm //

    nkkaiyak,. I love you shamcey! wer so proud of you!

  3. Filipino is a world class beauty….no wonder Chamcey got top 1 votes…..
    Galit ang mga ibang bansa sa talento ng mg pinoy dahil tayo ay pang world class…

  4. yes she deserved the grown despite that she grown up in a masculine arena she is easy to adopt the criteria of being a beauty queen. For me being a beauty queen is a precious stone you can lose it but being a filipina is a birthmark that’s forever.

  5. we proud of yo shamcey go go go for phillipines

  6. I think she deserve to be the next Ms. universe 2011
    because she has the charming beauty, intelligent and has the factors of a Ms. universe! good luck and Godbless you Ms. philippines ” Shamcey Sup Sup!

  7. sosima ty. insecure kay shamcey hindi kana nahiya dapat ipagmalaki mo xa

  8. traydor ka kasi<<<<<<<< hindi ka proud sa pambato natin. nainsecure ka teh???

  9. si number 8 Sosima Ty ay bulag sa katotohanan

  10. I agree all of you, Shamcey well get the crown and lets pray for her, We are all proud of her.

  11. maw pampolina // September 12, 2011 at 7:27 am //

    hoy number 8 sosima ty cguro d k pilipino kya iba cnusuportahan mo….manahimik k nga lng jan bwisit…..

  12. she’s gonna win! it’s really our turn now!

  13. allergic_sa_tahong // September 12, 2011 at 6:05 am //

    ang ganda ng signature walk nya during the preliminaries! love the poise and the elegance she exudes! basta she needs to fully be aware of her best facial profiles/angles.

  14. 8 Sosima so sa lahat pala ng article ni Shamcey andito ka at take note ha punom puno ka nga kabiteran sa katawan.wake up girl!get a life!

  15. sana sia na nga ang sumunod na Miss Universe para nasa top 5 na ang pinas sa mas maraming naging Miss U kc 2nd ang pinas sa Miss Intl so ano pa ba? pinas na ang may pinakamaganda at matatalinong babae sa earth…walaaah

  16. Gudluck & all the best!!! U can make it:…Go.go.go Philippines 🙂

  17. johnward pido // September 11, 2011 at 10:12 pm //

    Well all of them are beauties..and I hope and pray Shamcey would make it..because she’s like a “BOOM-BOOM GIRL” to me like Gabriela Silang which it seems she can knocked down all of her opponents as she performs her talents..the sexy walk,the sweet smile,talents and how she a filipina…gogoogoooo…Shamcey!!!!

  18. god she’s so amazing and beatiful i think she bagged the crown as 2011 Miss.U..

  19. go go go shamcey hope you got it the crown for miss universe…we will support you god bless

  20. please vote our own SHAMSEY SUPSUP for the MISS UNIVERSE 2011……lets help her by voting and praying for the pageant!!!!!!

  21. I dont think she will win dahil hindi naman siya kagandahan ano? plain lang ang mukha at wala siyang “IT” masyado lang binibigyan ng importansya natin dahil pinay. yung ilong niya parang ni repair ni Dra. Vicky Bello at yung smile niya parang nasa kubeta umiibak. Ang Bet ko si Miss Venezuela at Miss Bahamas.

  22. This is our moment…lets unite to pray Shamcey to bring home the crown…She deserved to be Miss uNiverse 2011…Mabuhay ang PILIPINAS!

  23. elena retondo // September 11, 2011 at 6:47 pm //

    gogogogogogoggogo filipinas!
    u kud do it miss shamcey!gogogogo

  24. ,,,,,elegant….super!

  25. Sarah ompad // September 11, 2011 at 6:20 pm //

    go ..for the phillipines !!!!!!!

  26. sheila balicao // September 11, 2011 at 5:48 pm //

    go go miss shamsey supsup we love you…go!!!!more power ….good luck..

  27. gorgeous!!!

  28. wow.. hopefully sya na nga!.. Go Shamcey!! yuho0o

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