Chocolate and Heart Disease – Study Shows Consumption of Chocolate Reduces Heart Disease Risks

Chocolate and heart disease recent study suggests that eating chocolate is good for the heart as published by the British Medical Journal (BMK).

The article in the magazine’s latest issue presented a large scale analysis of seven studies which involved more than 100,000 participants without heart disease.

According to the report, researchers at the University of Cambridge in England found that five of the studies revealed that high levels of chocolate consumption reduced heart disease risks.

A 37 percent reduction in heart disease was linked to studies in which participants ate the most chocolate, and 29 percent reduction in stroke compared to studies in which participants ate the least amount of chocolates.

The researchers however stressed that further study is needed to confirm the beneficial effect of chocolate consumption. Furthermore, some types of chocolate like milk chococaltes are said to be high in calories, in which eating too much could lead to obesity and increase the risk of diabetes and other diseases.

“You should eat chocolate in a moderate way and in a regular manner,” study author Dr. Oscar Franco said.

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