Back-to-school shopping list for the Elite Students in the US

It’s back-to-school in America and shopping for your kids’ needs is a chore if you don’t have a list. This year, prepare for a longer list because it’s not just about the computers or clothes but about the culture specially for the elite students.

Let’s take a peek on the shopping list of a typical student who goes to one of the nation’s top prep schools shall we? (This packing list of a student from Deerfield Academy offers insight into how the nation’s elite students prepare for the year.)

Appliances: Alarm clock/clock radio, camera, desk lamp with compact fluorescent bulb, floor lamp with compact fluorescent bulb — Deerfield limits lamps to two, but feels one is sufficient — fan, flashlight and stereo (with headphones to avoid disturbing others). A surge protector is recommended.

Bedding: mattress pad, pillow, bath towels (two to four), washcloths (two), hand towels (two), blankets (one), sheets (four, XL twin, unfitted and fitted), pillow cases (four) and bedspread or comforter (one).

Clothes and shoes: Deerfield, for example, recognizes that some of its guests are going to be a lot better about doing laundry than others and advises either packing accordingly or arranging for weekly laundry service through the school.

In the meantime, they’re asked to bring dress code clothes, athletic socks (“10-plus” pairs), bathrobe, belts, dress pants, special skirt/dress, dress shoes (“at least one pair”), jackets (“casual and dress”), jeans, sneakers (two pairs), sweaters, T shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, turtlenecks, underwear (“lots”), winter coat, hat gloves, snow boots, rain boots and a raincoat or umbrella.

Students are also asked to bring along some wide lapels and high heels for the “DeNunzio Disco” after the first week of classes and some formalwear for prom and various semi-formal events.

Miscellaneous: Athletic equipment “as appropriate,” backpack for books, small duffel bags for trips, reusable water bottle, rechargeable batteries, risers (for beds in certain dorms — no cinder blocks) a bike with lock and helmet, a cup or mug, dictionary, envelopes, hangers (“about 40”), keychain, quarters for laundry machines, a laundry bag, “eco-friendly detergent,” laundry marking pen (“please put your name on all of your belongings”), plastic hooks with adhesive, posters/pictures (“if more than four, they must be laminated or framed”), sewing kit, reusable bags for shopping, stamps, stationery, tissues and plants.

School supplies: Binders, calendar and planner, highlighters, loose leaf paper, notebooks, paper clips, pencils, pens, a ruler, whiteout fluid, scissors, tape, thumbtacks, “etc.”

Toiletries: Shower caddy to hold toiletries, aspirin, adhesive bandages, hygiene products, hair bands, hairbrush, comb, nail clippers, soap with container, toothpaste, toothbrush, antiseptic ointment, razors, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, jewelry and hair items.

Items not permitted in dormitories: Upholstered furniture, polystyrene beanbag chairs, refrigerators, plug-in coolers, computer monitors “larger than 21 inches,” projectors, coffee makers, hot pots, hot plates, candles, incense, hanging tapestries, string lights of any kind, high intensity/halogen lamps in excess of 100 watts, lava lamps, televisions, DVD players, electric heaters, air conditioners, irons, microwave ovens, toaster ovens, cooking grills, pets of any kind, weapons of any kind and liquor bottles or beer cans even if empty.

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