Justin Bieber is Hollywood’s Richest Teen

Check out the Top 10 richest teen celebrities based on the paycheck they've received in the last 12 months.

TOP 10 Richest Teen Celebrities for 2011

1. Justin Bieber – $53 million
2. Miley Cyrus – $48 million
3. Taylor Lautner – $16 million
4. Nick Jonas – $12.5 million
5. Selena Gomez – $8.5 million
6. Jaden Smith – $8 million each
7. Angus Jones – $7.5 million
8-9. Willow Smith – $4 million (tied with)
Dakota Fanning – $4 million
10. Elle Fanning – $1.5 million

In case you’re wondering why Taylor Swift is not on the list, the country singer/songwriter is a teenager no more. She’s already 21 years old! Her ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner is only 19 years old that’s why he’s on the list (at no. 3).

Jaden Smith is the star of the movie Karate Kid while her sister, Willow Smith, is a recording artist. They’re son and daughter of Hollywood actor Will Smith.

Angus Jones, by the way, is the kid in the hit comedy series “Two and a Half Men.” According to reports, he is earning $300,000 per episode.

And yes, Elle Fanning is Twilight’s Dakota Fanning‘s younger sister. Her $1.5 earning was from the movie Super 8.

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