UST Sets World Record for Biggest Human Cross

It's official! The Guiness Book of World Records has recognized the University of Sto. Thomas' (UST) formation of the largest human cross on Ash Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

13,266 participated in the formation of the biggest human cross in the world inside the UST campus in Manila.

“Although [the] actual turnout of participants was close to 20,000, the official count only recognized those who swiped their IDs both when entering and going out of the field, as relayed during the instructions,” UST said in an article on its website.

UST received the official Guiness certificate confirming the world title last August 10. The feat is now posted on the Guinness website under “Amazing Feats” and “Mass Participation” categories.

Norway previously held the record for the world’s largest human cross with 935 participants at the Oslo Opera House in May 2010.

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