John Lloyd Cruz Reunites with Angel Locsin

After their successful stint on primetime TV, John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin will be paired up again for a new project, but this time on the big screen.

Some people doubted their chemistry in the primetime series “Imortal” but John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin proved them wrong because the said fantaserye was very successful.

By popular demand, John Lloyd and Angel are being paired up once again, but this time on the big screen to be helmed by no less than the box-office director herself, Cathy Garcia-Molina!

The famed director told Showbiz News Ngayon that Star Cinema and the staff for the John Lloyd-Angel movie are now in the process of developing a concept for the project.

“Maraming may gusto ng John Lloyd-Angel after ‘Imortal.’ Ito na po. Mayroon ng movie talaga si John Lloyd at si Angel. It’s official. We are already in the concept development. Actually scriptwriting na,” she said.

Cruz’ last movie–My Amnesia Girl–was the highest-grossing non-MMFF movie in 2010. Locsin’s last movie–In the Name of Love–was also a box-office hit and was listed in the Top 20 movies list worldwide during its theatrical run.

With the collaboration of 2 box-office stars to be led by the box-office director, the romantic movie which is set to be released later this year has the potential to break box-office records!

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