Rocco Nacino and Lovi Poe Star in 4-Part TV Special ‘Mistaken Identity’

This Saturday (July 23), viewers will surely get caught up in the lighthearted romantic drama between Kapuso Network's Lovi Poe and Rocco Nacino as they star in the four-part TV special titled Mistaken Identity right before Eat Bulaga.

Mistaken Identity tells the story of a young journalist who finds genuine love when she least expects it, at the same time, proves the saying that ‘love knows no boundaries.’

In search of an interesting feature story, Ada (Lovi) travels to an island in Ilocos where she meets a handsome native named Sinag (Rocco). They would constantly bump into each other in the village and during these occasions, Ada notices Sinag’s arm band and tribal accessories.

Ada quickly assumes that he is the reclusive Prince of the island and befriends him. But it turns out to be a case of mistaken identity. Sinag is the cousin of the real Prince and is just pretending to be the real prince, under the orders of Queen Mercedes (Gloria Diaz) and Prince Kali (Luis Alandy).

Sinag and Ada’s playful friendship blossoms into a full-blown romance and this special relationship of the two unlikely lovers earns the ire of Prince Kali who secretly has feelings for Ada. He will then do everything in his power to win the heart of the lovely journalist.

How far will Prince Kali ruin Sinag’s credibility? Will Sinag divulge the truth to Ada and reveal his true identity? Will Ada and Sinag’s whirlwind romance be for keeps?

Under the direction of Topel Lee, the first part of Mistaken Identity airs this Saturday (July 23) right before Eat Bulaga on GMA-7.

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