Dyan Castillejo Exposes Politics in Sports in ‘Krusada’

With every game or match, Filipino athletes are known to fight with all their might and heart to bring glory to the nation. Unfortunately, they don’t usually get the support they truly need and deserve from home.

The Philippine Dragon Boat team, for example, has beaten superpowers in rowing to become world champions, but they still pack their own rice and canned goods to international competitions because they are not given pocket money.

There are even times they dive into the sea to find clams so that they have something to eat.

This Thursday (July 14) in “Krusada,” ABS-CBN senior sports correspondent Dyan Castillejo tries to put an end to this unfair treatment of Filipino athletes by exposing the politics in sports that has stood in the way of having them get proper support and recognition.

Dyan fought for medical assistance to our ailing Olympic boxers in the program before, and now she will continue her crusade for other national team players. This list includes swimmers who were disqualified to participate in a tourney because of politics, a Wushu artist who competed without allowance, and the members of the Karatedo team, who were given only one way tickets to the country they were fighting in.

Why do our athletes experience these challenges? Listen to their pleas and find out the whole story this Thursday (July 14) in “Krusada,” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. Because it takes more than words to make a stand, join Dyan Castillejo’s crusade. Post your comments on the issue and the episode on the “Krusada” Facebook fanpage (

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