JM Oloris is Out, Art is the Week’s Biggest Loser

Red team finally wins at the Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.

The Red Team has arrived. After consecutive losses in the challenges and the first competitive weigh-in, Art, Eboy, Hazel, Raffy, Ryan, and Winwin finally managed a victory after four weeks in “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition.”

Trainer Chinggay Andrada’s team lost 4.18 percent of their total weight to win the heart-stopping second competitive weigh-in over Jim Saret’s Blue Team, which lost only 3.54 percent of their total weight.

Red Team’s group leader Art was also named “Biggest Loser of the Week” with the highest weight-loss percentage among all contestants. Despite back pains, Art shed 18 pounds or 5.63 percent of his previous weight.

With Red Team’s victory, the Blue Team underwent its first elimination ceremony where the majority chose JM Oloris to be booted off the Biggest Loser . JM, who followed Red Team’s Destiny out the camp, said he has no regrets about joining the show, where he lost 30 pounds in just four weeks.

The 32-year-old fire volunteer said he will miss Winwin, game master Derek, and the Megastar Sharon Cuneta the most when he leaves. He also praised Sharon for being able to empathize with them.

“She’s so humble and down to earth. You wouldn’t feel that she is a Megastar when she faces us,” he said.

Due to back-to-back losses and lapses in discipline among her group members, Chinggay was extra stern in last week’s workouts, pushing her team to the limits, and even confronting them about their faults in training. This seemed to have worked with every member stepping up this week.

The fitness diva paid tribute to her team on her Twitter account, “The will to succeed fueled the Red Team’s win in tonight’s weigh in. I’m proud to be your trainer and I’m proud to WEAR RED;)),” she said.

The Blue Team, on the other hand, was affected by the setback, but isn’t close to giving up even after losing a teammate. Their ever-composed trainer Jim reminded them they are still winners because of the impressive weight loss they turned in for the week.

“Let us not forget that the Blue Team still lost between 7-12 lbs. each! That sounds like a winner to me,” he said.

Stay tuned for this week’s exciting challenges and inspiring stories as the 12 remaining bigating Pinoy continue their life-changing journey in “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition,” Monday to Friday after “Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin” on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.


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