Julius Babao Leads Crusade Against Plastic

The lives and millions of pesos worth of properties lost to the massive floods during Typhoon Ondoy showed Filipinos the danger that plastic can bring to mankind.

Yet, two years after this tragedy, plastic is still widely-used in the country, and continues to find its way to rivers, waterways, and drainages.

This Thursday (May 26) in “Krusada,” ABS-CBN news anchor Julius Babao will talk about his advocacy against plastic. Babao encourages citizens and industries to reduce, prevent or ban the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable packaging materials such as Styrofoam.

For something that is not environmentally-friendly, plastic remains popular among Filipino consumers. But whether it is still clean or usable, plastic keeps being thrown away, adding up to the tons of waste that will take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose.

Julius believes every Filipino can help in the cause. They can simply use reusable containers like eco-bags instead of plastic bags. More importantly, they can show their support for the enactment of a law that bans plastic bags and non-biodegradable packaging in the national level.

He said this may not be a “cure-all” solution to the country’s waste management problems but this can serve as a big step in raising awareness to the importance of caring for our environment.

Listen, take part and be one in Julius Babao’s Krusada this Thursday (May 26), after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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