Velvet Rocks Boracay with the Ultimate Luau Party

Torches were lit, music was turned up and party pieces were set to welcome Velvet’s Summer Luau party guests who were clad in their Hawaiian ensemble and colorful leis.

Isabelle Abiera flanked between two hotties, Rich Hardin and Rich Herrera

Velvet gave them a Boracay experience they will never forget at the Epic Bar in the Summer Party Capital of the Philippines.

To “drumbeat” the ultimate party that was up ahead, Boracay’s percussionists and drum boys did what they do best, followed by hot bodied fire dancers who set the stage ablaze.

No less than the charming and statuesque Swiss model Sarah Meier warmly welcomed the Velvet guests and lead them to a night of fun via a hot hair whippin’ contest, a showdown of the sexes, a ball game, a love match, a game of paper targets and awarding of the blooming ladies of the night.

Cute in their summer party outfits, model/DJs Sanya Smith and Mia Ayesa plus charming celebrities Rich Jardin, Rich Herrera and Isabella Abiera also joined in this party of parties who partnered with Velvet guests for some of the exciting games.

A lucky lady, a nurse by profession, was able to fly in for free for the first time to the island to join in this party with her two companions via Velvet channel’s fly-away promo. “I’m so grateful that I’m here tonight with my two friends. I always watch Velvet after work. I never miss an episode of 90210. ”, she shared.

Velvet also proudly launched two all-new shows this summer. Say aloha to summer’s hottest TV series, Hawaii Five-O. Catch the wave Thursdays 8pm.

Watch the crazy gang of Snooki as they party in Seaside Heights, Toms River, Neptune and Atlantic City, New Jersey. Follow them as they spend their summer together. Don’t miss the hit reality series Jersey Shore, Wednesdays, 8:30p.m. and Saturdays, 8p.m., and other replay schedules throughout the week.

For more details on its upcoming events and shows, always tune in to Velvet (SkyCable Channel 53), the country’s premium general entertainment channel, or log on to


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