Newest Afternoon Telenovela ‘Frijolito’ Premieres April 4 on ABS-CBN

Get to meet the newest angel who will surely touch your hearts this Monday (Apr 4) as his story unfolds in ABS-CBN’s newest afternoon drama “Frijolito.”

Despite growing up without a father, Frijlito turned out to be a jolly boy who always faces the world with a smile. He doesn’t hold any grudges instead he shows nothing but love to the people around him.

His mother Margarita was a young mariachi singer when she met his real dad Ignacio, who then just graduated from medical school. One night changed their lives forever as something happened between them.

Margarita regrets what happened to them but the night in question had an important consequence to them— a son.

She then raises the baby whom she named Frijolito and after six years, the little boy will cross paths with his father Ignacio for the first time.

What will Margarita’s reaction be when she sees Ignacio again? Will she ever forgive him? How will Frijolito deal with Ignacio who abandoned him even before he was born?

Don’t miss the colorful story of “Frijolito” beginning Monday (Apr 4), 4:00 PM on ABS-CBN.

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  1. ang GWAAAAAPOOOOOOO ni Ignacio!!!!!! I love him,..Papanoorin ko talaga

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