TV5 Releases Statement Regarding the March 12 Episode of ‘Willing Willie’

Willie Revillame, the producers of his show and the management of TV5 issued a public apology regarding the controversial segment from the March 12 episode of "Willing Willie."

Here is TV5’s official statement regarding the recent controversy involving its main host Willie Revillame and the 6-year-old Willing Willie contestant Jan-Jan Suan:

Mr. Willie Revillame, the producers of “Willing Willie” and TV5 sincerely and deeply apologize for the segment of the show featuring 6-year-old Jan-Jan Suan which viewers may have found offensive or in bad taste. We wish to stress that there was never any intention to humiliate or abuse Jan-Jan or any contestant on the show.

“Willing Willie” is a program that was conceptualized to bring joy and hope and shine the spotlight on ordinary Filipinos. The program aims to provide a venue for everyone to show their talents, tell their stories and make their dreams come true. This is the thrust of everyone involved in the program, particularly its host, Willie Revillame.

Like most contestants on the show, Jan-Jan, accompanied by his aunt, joined the program to showcase his talent and play in a game segment in the hope of bringing home big prizes. He has performed in the past in school programs and mall contests, and his performance in “Willing Willie” was completely voluntary and with the blessings of his parents. He appeared to be sad or even in tears, not because he was being forced to dance, but because he felt the dance was “serious” and he was playing a role. He did not want to smile because of his missing upper front teeth and because of the presence on the set of former basketball player Bonel Balingit who Jan-jan thought was a scary “giant”.

Again, TV5 and Wil Productions express profound regret for any insensitivity on their part, and wish to thank all those who have expressed concern. We are always grateful to be reminded of our obligations to the viewing public. In turn, we hope to make clear that the objective of the show has always been to bring joy and hope to Filipinos, whether they are participating on the show or viewing at home.

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  1. Hmmm… Wala naman akong nakitang issue of child abuse sa nangyari nung napanood ko yun.. kasi talent yun ng bata.. and right tama si willie sa mga statement nya sa mga nagkicriticize ng nangyari.. hindi na dapat pinapalaki tong issue na to dahil nakakaawa ang bata ang yet meron din naman sa pamilya natin ang pinapasayaw ng ganun dahil nagkakatuwaan..

  2. Emma Morgan // April 9, 2011 at 2:54 pm //

    Wala akong kinakampihan, pero sa aking nakita na programa noong March 12 ay walang kaalaman ang sino man sa Willing Willie kung ano ang gagawin ng batang si Jan-Jan.Bakit ang lahat ay naghuhusga ng wlang katibayan sa isang tao? Maraming nag gagawa ng tsismis, at marami ring naiinggit sa Kay Willie Revillame. I live here in United States for 36 years, I do not have any connection with any of Show Business in the Philippines. I am a grandmother of 16 children. And what I see on March 12 is not a child abuse.I do not know why those people can not live Willie alone without making false accusation. Why can’t we get a long and worry about the trouble the world are facing, instead of bickering about someone who is trying to entertain and help a lot of people.And for our Government, quit playing Politics. Do some investigation and watch the whole show before you judge someone that did not do anything bad. If the Government doing their job, why don’t you watch other network like Eat Bulaga and see their program is not suited for minor as they are wearing almost nothing.. Wake Up and don’t punish one person just because of one incident that no one will ever think it will turn to chaos. For God Sake…IT IS NOT CHILD ABUSE ” NO ONE HURT THE CHILD WHILE HE IS PERFORMING @ WILLING WILLIE. And I could see on the child that he is crying not because he doesn’t want to perform or was force to do against his will. You have to remember, the child went to Willing Willie and his Uncle to do Audition. I am ashame to admit that until now our Country still the same…Too much Politics and nothing much change since I left 36 years ago.The only suggest that I want to send this message to our Filipino Government is to avoid small incident to make it bigger just because another Network is trying to get back at someone.And even to play dirty paying some people to make complaint even though it is “false” Enough is enough kababayan, let us face the reality that we are just human being

  3. bastos naman yan ever since, no wonder na gawin talaga sa ibang tao at imagine bata pa hay naku may mga apo ka na rin willy revillame, magbago ka man late na tsong,the damage has been done,pls mtrcb,dswd at human rights wacth.pls do something to remove willy sa showbiz

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