Richard Gutierrez has 4 Leading Ladies in ‘Suddenly It’s Magic’

Solenn Heusaff, Rhian Ramos, Lovie Poe and Eugene Domingo are Richard Gutierrez's leading ladies in the upcoming Valentine movie "Suddenly It's Magic."

“Suddenly It’s Magic” is the working title of Richard Gutierrez‘s Valentine movie for 2011. It is being co-produced by Regal Films and GMA Films.

Unlike his previous Valentine movies, “Suddenly It’s Magic” is a trilogy. In the first episode, Richard will do comedy with veteran actress Eugene Domingo. In the second episode, Richard will be torn between Solenn Heusaff and Lovie Poe. In the third episode, Richard will be reunited with former ka-loveteam Rhian Ramos.

The three episodes of the romantic movie will be directed each by Mark Reyes, Chris Martinez, and Topel Lee.

Snaps courtesy of Regal Films

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  1. hoy, hahaha nattkot kau kasi evry my show or movie c chard special mention sa GMA, at hnd lht ng movie nya flop..ung patientx lng.. at ska high raings ung show nya kasi mapabata,matanda,tomboy,bakla,babae,lalakio adik idol xa kasi gwapo at malaks ung dating sa audience,d tulad ng idol nu doble bled..

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