2EN1’s ‘Go Away’ Debuts at No. 1 on MYX International Top 20

The freshly released music video of "Go Away", one of 2EN1's promotional songs from their debut album "To Anyone", debuted at no. 1 on MYX International Top 20!

2EN1, composed of CL, Dara (Sandara Park), Bom and Minzy, rose to fame when their music video “fire” was released last year. It was, sort of, their promotional track to introduce the group to the world. It became an instant hit not just because of the sophisticated production of the video but also because of its groovy hip-hop sound.

It took more than a year before the group release their first studio album title “To Anyone” but its all worth it. 9 singles were released as promotional tracks and one of these tracks is “Go Away” which debuted at no. 1 on MYX International Top 20 yesterday!

“Go Away” nudged erstwhile leader, Justin Bieber (U Smile), down to no. 2 this week. It also topped last Friday’s edition of MYX Daily Top 10 (to be posted).

MYX International Top 20
(December 11 to 17, 2010)
1. Go Away – 2NE1
2. U Smile – Justin Bieber
3. Just A Dream – Nelly
4. Reset – Charice
—To be Updated—

Watch the music video here:

20 Comments on 2EN1’s ‘Go Away’ Debuts at No. 1 on MYX International Top 20

  1. 2ne1 !! hwaiting !!

  2. ang bobo nmn tlaga ng starmometer, hayzzz. mali mali na sa mga info, sa spelling tpos ang tagal pa mag update. hayzzz

  3. Clap Your Hands ata was the 1st and di cya pumasok ng countdown.. Now they’re promoting this second single… Maybe after this Can’t Nobody naman.. Though sabay sabay nila nirelease to last September… Anyway, nice to see Blackjacks unite.. Sana sa MYX Hitchart mag no. 1 din… JJJang 2NE1!

  4. ang tagal nmng iupdate nito! 😀

  5. parang ang tagal na nito ahh… nagka spot na lang at nawala ang soom ng beast wngayon pa to lumabas.? loading yata sa news ang blackjacks sa pinas…

  6. go away is good, but love is ouch is good too…

  7. wow, i think it’s the first Video on MYX to DEBUT at no. 1.. ang iba inaakyat pa ito super rocket! grabe tlga ang KPOP! congrats Dara!

  8. Congrats 2NE1!
    @Starmometer paki correct po ang name it is 2NE1 not 2EN1..
    @BREAKING NEWS! This article is all about the Korean Girl Group 2NE1 not Sarah Geronimo or Cristine Reyes!

  9. BREAKING NEWS! // December 12, 2010 at 6:19 pm //


  10. @8

    yes, dont stop the music was superb! hehe

  11. Dara from ABS // December 12, 2010 at 5:47 pm //


    Kanguso : Haller dito sa squatter alam namin na sikat din ang star suck! si KATRINA meron kaya sikat na video Haller , haller ( tunog baklitang hitad na kanguso style)


    Kanguso BOBO AT UTO UTO!

  12. bakit hindi pa complete? 😀 pa update nmn pls 😀

  13. darksyd666 // December 12, 2010 at 5:32 pm //

    @5 yes i agree. it was on september that their songs were released . una nyan ay ang clap your hands, then cant’ nobody and go away. It hurts din my mv, and dont stop the music! Ewan ko ba si myx bat tagal ini air ung mvs nila.

  14. Yehey! Dara from ABS! ^_^

  15. galing ng 2ne1!!

  16. this was released last september… ngayon lang nagdebut dto?? sana sinama na din yung clap your hands, cant nobody, tsaka it hurts, para apat entry nila, for sure ayung apat yung maglalaban laban sa 1..

  17. love that song!

  18. MAY TYPO PO SA TITLE NG ARTICLE NA ITO // December 12, 2010 at 1:23 pm //

    Paki-correct po please…

  19. Go go 2ne1.. But clap your hands is better, more dara!

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