ABS-CBN Journalists Stand Up for the Filipino in ‘Krusada’

The crusade of the Filipino for the Filipino is about to begin. From ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs, comes a program with the courage to take a stand and fight for change in the country— “Krusada.”

This Thursday (Dec 9) after “Bandila,” “Krusada” will start acting on and responding to the biggest and most pressing issues in each sector of society, spearheaded by the best and veteran journalists of ABS-CBN such as Ted Failon, Ces Drilon, Henry Omaga-Diaz, Lynda Jumilla, Gus Abelgas, Dyan Castillejo, Karen Davila, Julius Babao, and Noli “Kabayan” De Castro.

“We don’t effect change with words alone. Sometimes, we have to take a stand. ABS-CBN journalists are ready to become true agents of change and it is through ‘Krusada’ that they can push for their own advocacies for the Filipino people,” said ABS-CBN Head for News and Current Affairs Ging Reyes.

This is why in the first airing of “Krusada,” Ces Drilon will tackle an issue that is especially close to her heart—the issue on reproductive health. Drilon visited Fabella Hospital, a hospital in Manila renowned for delivering babies. Here she met Aling Zeny who has given birth to her tenth child. Zeny said that she didn’t want another child after their last. However, they had no access to contraceptives.
Drilon also went to Baseco, Manila where she met Evelyn who was pregnant with her eighth child. The mother doubts as to whether they can still send their children to college. Meanwhile, another mother, Marissa is pregnant with her seventh child and plans to have her child adopted the moment she gives birth.

Their different narratives show the need for a more effective and comprehensive family planning program. A reproductive health program that will protect the women and the children is Drilon’s crusade for the country.

Advocacy journalism that gives a clear standpoint and concrete action—this is what “Krusada” is all about. Because true public service is propelled by action, not merely words.

Watch out for the airing of “Krusada” this Thursday night (Dec 9), after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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  1. bhong cunanan // December 31, 2010 at 1:23 pm //

    more power to Mr.Babao and Krusada and MAY GOD BLESS YOU and those people having a good heart..

  2. nasaan nga naman ang milyon milyong pondo ng gobyerno sa pabahay.samantala ang krusada magkano lang ang pondo nakapagpatayo ng mga pabahay.sana ay makonsensya ang mga buwaya sa gobyerno natin..

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