Eugene Domingo’s ‘Inday Wanda’ Premieres September 6 on TV5

Eugene Domingo is all set to star in her newest sitcom Inday Wanda, premiering on September 6, Monday, 8-9pm at TV5's Primetimes5.

Inday Wanda offers a perfect mix of comedy and fantasy and injects moralvalues to its viewers. “Siya ’yung masipag, puro ang pag-iisip [at] gustong makatulong. Sa mundo nila, alam nilang kailangan nilang proteksiyunan ang mga tao dito sa lupa. Kaya siya si Inday Wanda, wonder Wanda!” said Eugene.

The story is told by tracing back the battle between the ancient clan of shamans and demons. While the shamans existed to protect and serve the world of humans, the forces of demons are up for revenge after being forced back into their realm. The demons are trying to reopen the portal that connects them to the human world. Even with other shamans’ aversion, Guru the old shaman leader sends in Wanda to fight back and keep the demons from entering the world. Wanda, a cheerful, bubbly woman, rose from a simple cleaning lady and washerwoman to become the accomplice of that important task.

Although reluctant at first, Wanda passes a rigorous training to fit for the mission. She then adopts the human name Inday Wanda a maid to the household where the portal lies; equipped with incredible spirit and the ability to connect with people, plus a knack for outrageous fashion.

She serves the family of Daddy Lee, a handsome but reserved father to Toni; the teenage girl who is geeky and quiet. Upon Wanda’s discovery, Toni’s meek demeanor hides a secret that adds up a good twist on the show.

Aside from Eugene Domingo, the cast includes Ariel Rivera as Daddy Lee, and Ella Cruz as the teenage daughter Toni. Inday Wanda is the first project of Ariel Rivera after his reported transfer to the Kapatid Network. Other cast includes Alicia Meyer, Gene Padilla and Long Mejia. Cogie Domingo also acts a special participation as Toryo, the demon lord.

Inday Wanda is written by Dwight Gaston and directed by Bb. Joyce Bernal, and is co-produced by Unitel Productions.

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