The ‘Jejemom’ Invasion Kicks Off on GMA Network

Beginning Saturday, August 14, make way for television’s hippest and wackiest momma in JEJEMOM!

‘Jejemom’ is GMA Network’s newest weekly comedy series that offers an exciting peek into the modern Filipino household in the age of texting, the internet, and the widely popular Jejemon phenomenon.

No less than award-winning box office comedienne Eugene Domingo plays the lead character of Gigi a.k.a. “The Jejemom”, a single parent with an outrageous sense of humor. Usually clad in multicolored outfits while fiddling with her cellphone, Gigi juggles her time between her parental duties to only son G-Boy (Robert “Buboy” Villar) and younger sister Lovely (Jennica Garcia), and her responsibilities as the trusty barangay secretary.

Dysfunctional as they are, Gigi and her family manage to keep their humble yet happy household running. But their lives will turn upside down after Gigi receives a text message exposing the whereabouts of a certain Lady Gangsta, the leader of a notorious kidnapping syndicate, by mistake.

Gigi instantly reports the incident to Dindo (Wendell Ramos), the hunky policeman that Gigi adores so much, and becomes the star witness of the case. Her confession eventually led to the imprisonment of the kidnappers except for the mastermind Lady Gangsta, who now seeks revenge against Gigi.

In order to protect their identities, the authority decides to put Gigi, G-Boy, and Lovely under a witness protection program, which requires them to live in a posh suburban subdivision and pretend to be rich just like the rest of their new neighbors.

Ever the resilient and sociable Jejemom, Gigi slowly but surely wins the friendship of the Soccermoms, all except for Bunny (Gelli de Belen), the wife of the highly influential but dubiously masculine government official Winston (Ricky Davao). Bunny tries her might to destroy Gigi’s reputation in the village and reclaim her crown as the Soccermom queen.

Can Jejemom keep her family safe from the evil hands of Lady Gangsta who might actually be closer than they imagined? Are Gigi, Lovely and G-Boy truly ready to kiss their former life goodbye?

Aside from shedding light on the jejemon culture, Jejemom, directed by Dominic Zapata and originally written by Denoy Navarro-Punio, also touches on significant topics such as motherhood, parenting, and neighborhood spirit – but with a quirky, comedic twist!

Completing the cast are Chariz Solomon as Yasmin, Gigi’s kikay housekeeper, Carl Guevarra as Jhong, Lovely’s internet-addict boyfriend, and Bayani Agbayani as Chief D. Marangya, the barangay chief of police.

The JEJEMOM invasion begins this Saturday, August 14, after Kaya Ng Powers on GMA Network.

For Pinoy TV Subscribers, JEJEMOM will air on August 15 in the Unites States and on August 16 in Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.


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