‘Glee’ Star Lea Michele Talks About Charice

During a press party sponsored by Fox at the Santa Monica Pier last Aug. 2, Glee star Lea Michele stopped to talk about what’s coming up for her character, Rachel Berry, in season 2.

Lea Michele shared her thoughts about the Britney Spears episode and her character’s new nemesis to be played by our very own Charice.

“She and I filmed a hilarious scene the other day and she is the teeniest, most wee person I have ever seen in my life and she is so darling and she’s so sweet,” said Michele. “She has a gorgeous voice.

Michele warns, however, that calling Charice’s Glee character a “rival” for Rachel isn’t the most accurate description:

“I mean, she is going to be a rival in a sense, but I don’t think [ Executive Producer Ryan Murphy] would do anything as [cliche as that]. You know, knowing Ryan, he’ll probably make us become best friends or something.”

Neverthtless, a sing-off and a catfight between Lea Michele and Charice are some of the much-awaited scenes on season 2.

Watch the video here:

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