Melai Gives Maja a Hard Time in PHR Presents ‘Impostor’

As the ratings of Precious Hearts Romances (PHR) presents Impostor continues to soar high, it only proves that viewers really enjoy this new crazy romantic-drama comedy series starring Jason Francisco, Melai Cantiveros, Sam Milby and Maja Salvador.

In PHR presents Impostor, Maja portrays two different roles as a province lass named Devin and a sexy model, Mariz. Now paired up with Sam Milby and works with PBB love team ‘MelaSon,’ Maja includes all of these in her list of “firsts” in her acting career.

In an interview with Maja, she shares her excitement as she undergoes a challenging role in Impostor. And since her character, Mariz, will be transformed into the character of Devin, Maja needs to know everything about Melai–from her expressions, behavior down to her reactions to different situations.

“Humingi po ako sa staff ng DVD ng PBB. Pinag-aralan ko po kung paano kumilos si Melai, paano siya kapag kinikilig at paano siya kapag nasasaktan. Paulit-ulit ko siyang pinapanood hanggang sa nagagaya ko na ‘yung mga ‘over!’ niya at ‘char!” says Maja.

Maja adds, “Dapat kapag pinapanood na ako bilang Devin, masabi niyo na, ‘ay, siya nga si Melai!’ Dapat ang makita niyo si Melai hindi si Maja.”

See what’s next after Devin’s accident which left her with a busted face. Now that she’s afraid that the goons who killed her parents would run after her, Devin had no choice but to accept a seemingly irresistible offer –to be an impostor of her idol Mariz (Maja).

After Devin’s transformation as Mariz, will Anthony (Sam) be at ease with the “new Mariz”? Will she make Anthony and their son believe all her acts? Will Devin stand her decision to be an impostor of Mariz?

Directed by Jerome Chavez Pobocan, PHR presents Impostor also stars Precious Lara Quigaman, Jon Avila, Bobby Andrews, Long Mejia, Yayo Aguila, Raquel Villavicencio and Izzy Canillo.

Don’t miss ABS-CBN’s PHR presents Impostor, weekdays, 3:45pm, right after Rosalka on ABS-CBN Hapontastic.

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