Carla Abellana Paired with Dennis Trillo on ‘Lovebug: The Last Romance’

Beginning May 23, viewers will surely be in the mood for love and will be swept away by the tales of love, friendship, and heartbreak brought by the LOVEBUG every Sunday afternoon.

This new drama anthology is primed to amuse, inspire, and bring on the “kilig” feeling to the viewers as it delivers stories from comical to melancholic, beautiful to bittersweet, and ironic to heart-wrenching accounts of being young and in love.

Each story will run for a month (four episodes) and will feature new and interesting love pairings. Leading the initial presentation are Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana who will star in the unforgettable and life-changing episode, THE LAST ROMANCE.

Shot in the scenic island of Hong Kong onboard Star Cruises Aquarius and Hong Kong Disneyland, Dennis and Carla will make hearts flutter as Hero and Rackie, two individuals who meet, fall in love, and live out their dreams in a world full of uncertainties and unexpected romances.

Rackie (Carla Abellana) is a cancer survivor. But the tumor returns and she finds herself battling the same sickness that changed her life. Doctors tell her that the cancer has spread to her brain and that she only has three months to live.

Against her family’s will, Rackie embarks on a vacation in Hongkong. On a cruise to make deep and thoughtful reflection over her impending death, she meets Hero (Dennis), a tour and events organizer, who gets love struck by her beauty.

The two hit it off instantly and soon, their hands intertwined and neither wanted to let go. However, Hero is set to marry his long-time girlfriend, Remy (Iwa Moto), in a few weeks, while Rackie did not expect to find her last and most real romance in Hero.

Is there really a right or a wrong time in falling in love? Will love be enough to heal Rackie’s cancer-stricken brain? Can Rackie and Hero’s whirlwind romance survive when Rackie’s health and Hero’s relationship with his girlfriend are on the line?

The Last Romance will take you through a journey of smiles and tears, where true love always triumphs in the end. Rounding up the disarmingly talented cast are Iwa Moto as Remy, Rey PJ Abellana as Abel, Pinky Marquez as Anita, Pinky Amador as Greta, Paolo Paraiso as Phil, Mike Tan as Dado, Renz Valerio as Joshua and Dang Cruz as Rosa Mia. The episode is Directed by Mark Reyes together with Denoy Navarro-Punio as headwriter and Jun Lana as creative director.

The cruise of love, life and destiny sets sails on May 23 with LOVEBUG’S first offering, THE LAST ROMANCE right after Party Pilipinas on GMA.

Watch the trailer here:

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