Angel Locsin Paired with John Lloyd Cruz in ‘Imortal’

International Emmy-nominated Angel Locsin is coming back to primetime television via the fantaserye "Imortal" opposite the Box Office King, John Lloyd Cruz.

“Imortal” is said to be the second book of the fantaserye “Lobo” which earned for Angel her very first Best Actress nomination in the International Emmy Awards. The upcoming series will perhaps become the first Vampire-serye on Philippine television.

It’s interesting to note that “Vampires” have been receiving excellent reception from viewers lately. With the success of the Twilight novels which turned to box-office hit film franchise, the HBO series “True Blood”, and the CW series “The Vampire Diaries,” the bloodsucking brands are surefire hits.

ABS-CBN is bringing the fever in the country with a twist. “Imortal”, as the title suggests, could tackle the myth about the undying night creatures with a Filipino flavor in it.

Directing the fantaserye “Imortal” is Chito Roño, the writer/director of horror box-office films “Sukob” and “Feng Shui. It’s not yet confirmed if the series will use the vampire theme as Angel Locsin keeps mum about what her role is going to be. She only said that it’s similar to “Lobo” so she might be returning as “werewolf.”

In the monster hit movie “The Twilight Saga,” werewolves and vampires are mortal enemies. I have a feeling that “Imortal”, just like in the Twilight films, will tackle the vampires versus werewolves thingy. What makes it even more exciting is that it could have the classic “Romeo and Juliet” twist into it. So if Angel is a werewolf, she will fall in love with an enemy, John Lloyd Cruz, who could play the role of a Vampire.

Joining the cast of “Imortal” are Impostor star Maja Salvador and singer/songwriter Rico Blanco. The two stars joined Angel and John Lloyd under an acting workshop being conducted by Laurice Guillen.

5 Comments on Angel Locsin Paired with John Lloyd Cruz in ‘Imortal’

  1. wag kang makinig dyan inggit lang sila
    keep up the good work angel and john lloyd hanggang sa matapos huh!!!

  2. blueangel // October 8, 2010 at 12:15 pm //

    sumthing we luk 4ward to, hu ever be the partner of ms. angel surely we will watch it.

  3. angel is a very good actress… cebu loves her very much..
    besides, meron syang puso to help peole who need help. go angel…. Cebu loves you and support you.

  4. Mae Santos // October 3, 2010 at 3:23 pm //

    Anu ba yan! Twilight?????? In tagalog? Pati poster ginaya?! Oh shoot!! Anu ba naman ABS! Dati may lumabas na yung “takipsilim” tagalog translation ng “twilight” ngyn naman “imortal”…kunwari pa kayo na part two ng lobo yan e. Eh gustong gusto ninyo lang gayahin ang Twilight saga…. Ewwww…. Tssss… Wala kayo magawa.. Tsk

  5. Twilight series!…Gagamitin ninyo pa ang kasikatan ng mga vampires and warewolves sa walang kwentang artista….

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