Susan Enriquez will Host ‘Sus Naman! May Solusyon Yan!’ on QTV-11

Susan Enriquez will host Q Channel 11's new public service program titled "Sus Naman! May Solusyon Yan!"

News and public affairs personality Susan Enriquez joins Q Channel 11’s roster of talents with the premiere of Sus Naman! May Solusyon Yan! this Thursday, April 8, 10 pm.

Sus Naman! is a 30-minute public service program that aims to hear out and eventually help solve the problems of the everyday Pinoys. It also aims to give credit to concerned agencies when complaints are addressed and solved, and to individuals who do what’s right.

With Susan Enriquez‘ trademark wit, the show promises to be an engaging way to help Pinoys find solutions to problems in their barangays. Each week, Sus Naman! will feature a specific problem of the common tao—for example, a noisy videoke bar in a residential area or a group of taxi cabs who refuse to use their meters—and will then help find the proper course of action. The show will document how the problem was solved and will give credit where it is due.

The problem-solving does not end there. Sus Naman! will even go a step further through follow up segments of past or pending problems. An erring government agency might get a reminder—through scorecard messages like “Ano’ng pecha na?”—or the agency might get a commendation for a job well done through the “Kinarir Award.” Individuals who make a difference in other people’s lives will also be featured.

Sus Naman brings the good news to Filipino viewers—that there are ways to face problems head-on and to work together to find a solution.

Watch Sus Naman! May Solusyon Yan! on Q Channel 11 every Thursday, 10 pm, beginning April 8, 2010.

3 Comments on Susan Enriquez will Host ‘Sus Naman! May Solusyon Yan!’ on QTV-11

  1. alelie a.reyes // October 18, 2010 at 7:09 pm //

    hi susan,
    gusto ko sanang i upload ung problema namin d2 sa lugar nmin tungkol d2 sa daanan nmin,d2 s sapang palay bulacan,.saan ko po ba pedeng i upload ung video ko.
    sana po matulungan nyo po kami..

  2. anthony bondoc // October 16, 2010 at 10:42 am //

    Hi Susan,

    For security reason, Please do and with HOLD my name.



  3. anthony bondoc // October 16, 2010 at 10:34 am //

    Hi Susan,
    We have a situation here in Purok 1 Bayanan Muntinlupa City, District 1.You may simply pass the Bayanan National Road towards the said place, and right after the Bayanan Wet Market fronting the mighty mart you can find the side car terminals in a few meters away.
    The riding public wants to lodge their complaints about the UNJUSTIFIABLE FARE INCREASE !!!
    Let me give you for some background of the situations:
    *Transportation Fare from terminal to Block 2,3 & 4 is 5.00-(Individual) & 7.00-(if 2 passengers).
    From same terminal to Block 10 (Bakery) 7.00-(1 person), 10.00-(if 2 passengers)
    From same terminal down the stretch of Block 10 (Besides the ARKO) the fare for 1 passenger is 10.00 & 15.00 for 2 passengers.

    NOW, The said side car association Increased the trasportation Fare w/o consulting the riding public or should I say NO public hearings.

    Currently Implemented Fare Hike:
    *Transportation Fare from terminal to Block 2,3 & 4 is 7.00-(for 1 passenger) & 12.00-(if 2 passengers),and 8.00-(for 1 passenger)if you pass for few meters the block 4 or they called it the “SHOR CUT”….
    From same terminal to Block 10 (Bakery) 10.00-(1 person), 15.00-(if 2 passengers)
    From same terminal down the stretch of Block 10 (Besides the ARKO) the fare for 1 passenger is 10.00 & 15.00 for 2 passengers.

    Adding that Students should enjoy the 20% Discount during School Days.

    The Questions is , what are the Basis of this untimely/unjustifiable fare hike,and who Authorized the Association Officers to do this clear form of Frauds/Extortions? Does the Barangay councils and the Office of Mayor Aldrin San Pedro has something to do with this Fare Hike ????

    Please Susan,We the riding public needs help, especially the less fortunate,the students who does’nt have money and etc.

    Kindly look into this matter,because other are not bound to follow the said fare hike because some of the driver’s are not presentable, a few has Bad Odor’s or (PUTOK), with Bad Breath (PUTOK SA BIBIG). Their Side Cars are not presentable too, as the driver’s usually removed the Roofings and the Back Rest to lessen the weights. Others ay Buraot, Magulang in the sense na madalas nilang lokohin ang mga Students sa singilan ng pamasahe.Even very HOT ang weather ay may mga hindi nagkakabit ng Bubong.

    At bakit sila ganyan mag increase ng pamasahe, daig pa nila ang Jeepney at trycicles. Wala silang registration or even the permitfor their business. Hindi sila nag gagasolina/ Crude Oil.

    I will stop right here and hopefully I and the riding public can expect for your immediate actions…

    Thanks And Looking Forward.


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