Meet RP’s Sexiest Men 2010 – Top 16 Finalists

The heat is on! Voting starts now for the finals of RP's Sexiest Men 2010.

Starmometer has changed the rules of the voting! Instead of using a javascript where a voter can delete cookies to vote multiple times for his favorite, we will now use the Facebook fan page for polling. This way, the identity of each voter is recorded because only Facebook registered voters are allowed to vote. Furthermore, a registered Facebook respondent can only vote ONCE for his favorite celebrity.

This change will make the new process transparent, virtually eliminating any doubts and suspicion on cheating, thereby making the results more reliable and accurate reflecting the unified choice of the majority.

Voting for your favorite male celebrity to be RP’s Sexiest Man of 2010 is easy. Simply ollow these steps:


1. Go to Starmometer’s Facebook Page.

2. Proceed to the “Photos” section at the left sidebar and click the album entitled “RP’s Sexiest Men 2010 Top 16.” The pictures of the 16 finalists will be displayed.

3. Click the image of your favorite celebrity to enlarge the photo.

4. Under the photo, click on the word “like” to vote.

5. Please take note that you must be logged-in to your Facebook account and you must be a fan of Starmometer’s Facebook Page in order to cast your vote. If you’re not registered as a fan, the word “like” below the image will not appear.

The final poll starts today, April 6 and will be concluded on the midnight of May 2, 2010.

RP’s Sexiest Men 2010 is brought to you by Skechers Shape-Ups.

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