Who Will Be the Big Winner of ‘PBB Double UP?’

After almost 19 weeks and more than 20 housemates evicted from Big Brother’s house, the newest Big Winner will be named on “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up.”

Who among Melisa, Jason, Johan, Paul Jake, and Tibo will win in the number one reality show in the country? Let’s recall the experiences of the Big Five who gained the love of the masses.

Melisa was branded as “Ang Inday Kengkay ng Gensan” also known as Inday Waknat or “Inday Pangit” in her hometown. Nonetheless, Melai is such a perky housemate inside the PBB house, giving it a happy ambiance whenever it becomes dull.

She impressed a lot of people because of her genuineness and positive disposition in times of trouble. People also fell in love with her and Jason’s love story that gained a large number of followers and supporters.

Jason, on the other hand, became prominent in his place because of his group’s reputation. It was never easy for the “Boy Astig ng Mindoro,” to mingle with the other housemates inside the Big Brother House and they found it difficult to understand him too.

But things changed when he got closer to Melai. The viewers also noticed that the bad boy also has a sensitive side and can be a good friend, a selfless housemate, and a romantic.

Johan, “The Cutie Server ng QC,” is exposed to difficult times ever since he was young. He wants to buy a house for his family, as they never had one of their own. He has always dreamt of taking his loved ones away from living a difficult life.

Inside the PBB house, he was tagged a wallflower because it took a long time for him to open up to his fellow housemates. But when he finally got the chance to show his determination, he always let people know how he feels and stands up for what he believes.

Unlike Johan, Paul Jake grew up with almost everything in life. But the “Negosyo Prince ng Cebu” was raised simple and wise. He once tried to act as one of their laborers to understand how their business works and to relate with their workers.

Paul Jake proved himself inside the Big Brother House with his leadership qualities, good strategies, and strong fighting spirit, which he displayed during Resbak Attack.

Similar to PJ, Tibo is also a leader. The “Dad of Steel ng CDO” served as the father inside the Big Brother House. He never failed to remind his younger housemates regarding their behaviors and he made it a point to look out for them whenever needed.

He aims to give his wife and children a good life. After experiencing life’s adverse challenge, there was nothing left with his money and properties. So Tibo was forced to get into several jobs like being a surveillance agent.

Find out who among them will exit the PBB house victorious. Catch the most awaited ending of “Pinoy Big Brother Double Up” on Saturday (Feb 13), 9pm with hosts Toni Gonzaga, Mariel Rodriguez, and Bianca Gonzalez with guest guest performers Kim Chiu, Bugoy Drilon, Sheryn Regis, Mark Bautista, cast of Rubi, international dance crew Jabbawockeez, and many more.

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