The Correspondents Tackle Filipinos’ Fighting Spirit on It’s Yearend Special

Tonight, Bernadette Sembrano takes a closer look on the fighting spirit of Filipinos.

Once again, the Filipinos showed optimism and strength of character in a year full of challenges and debacles. No matter how tough life got in 2009 with the economic crisis and the slew of calamities, they have remained hopeful and they continue to fight.

Join Bernadette Sembrano as she looks back on the stories of Filipinos who embodied the never-say-attitude this country is known for this Tuesday (Dec 29) on “The Correspondents.”

After being laid off from work, Domina continues to fight by finding another job despite her old age. Soledad, meanwhile, put up a small eatery to provide for her grandchildren after their home was destroyed by Typhoon Ondoy.

Like them, cancer patient Fe remains hopeful about the future. She is looking forward to getting cured with the help of fellow Filipinos who will support her trip to Fuda Cancer Hospital in China, the so-called “mecca” of cancer patients. On the other hand, working student Carmelo does not mind the stress of juggling his studies and work as he is focused on getting his family out of poverty.

They have proven that Filipinos never back down despite the trials that life bring. They have made 2009 a year to showcase Filipinos’ fighting spirit.

Get to know them more tonight (Dec 29) on “The Correspondents,” after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN.

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