Darna Faces New Foes on New Season

Darna, the country’s original Pinay superhero, faces another set of super villains that will put all her strength and powers to the test as the program enters its newest season this December on GMA Telebabad.

Starring Primetime Queen Marian Rivera as Darna, the country’s number one telefantasya continues to cater to all viewers of all ages with its remarkable stunts and adventures laced with touching storyline plus state-of-the-art effects.

After repossessing all her powers from her previous supervillains, Darna’s adventures will be more engaging as four more terrifying super creatures are about to wreak havoc every night – Serpina, Babaeng Manananggal, Babaeng Demonyita and Electra, the Queen of Planet Women.

Serpina, portrayed by Katrina Halili, is the daughter of Kobra and Babaeng Impakta. After her half-sister Valentina disappeared, Serpina has no choice but to fulfill her father’s wish – that is to multiply their race. Just like her half-sister, Serpina will also fall for Darna’s first love Eduardo (Mark Anthony Fernandez). She will do everything to get the man’s attention and get rid of Narda, the alter-ego of Darna.

Sexbomb Rochelle Pangilinan, meanwhile, will play the role of ferocious Babaeng Manananggal. She will disguise as Dr. Deborrah during the day to easily spot pregnant women and other possible victims in town then transforms as an ugly winged monster at night. Deborrah holds a secret that is the key to unveil the past of Ding, the only person who knows the real identity of Darna.

Starstruck Batch 3 Ultimate survivor Jackie Rice, on the other hand, plays the character of Helga, a young woman who holds the most beautiful and angelic face in town. Unfortunately, she will be possessed by a powerful evil spirit with extreme wrath and fury that will make her the supervillain called Babaeng Demonyita.

A handsome foreigner will suddenly appear in the small town of San Martin. His name is Vladimir played by Celebrity Duets 3 finalist Akihiro Sato. But behind his godlike features is a wicked and vicious vampire who is out to kill innocent people.

The battle between good and evil continues with the arrival of the most powerful nemesis Darna could ever have – Electra, the Queen of Planet Women. Portrayed no less than by the Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez, Electra is a queen from a different planet who has an incredible strength and power out to conquer the earth with the help of her stalwart female legions.

Aside from Darna, two people close to the Pinay superhero’s heart are exerting their efforts to keep peace and order in the society – Pancho (Dennis Trillo), the lighthearted and principled policeman, and Black Rider (Mark Anthony Fernandez), the mysterious vigilant. Both young men will pursue the same woman – Narda.

Get ready for a more action-packed Darna as new foes arrive and new season start this December. Darna airs Monday to Friday on GMA Network’s primetime Telebabad block.

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