Amanda Colley Van Cooll Wins Survivor Philippines Palau

The game is over. The 25-year-old "Probinsyanang Tisay" of Mindoro is the sole survivor!

Amanda Colley Van Cooll outwitted, outplayed, and outlasted her fellow Finalists to bag the prestigious title of Pinoy Sole Survivor in the recently concluded edition of Survivor Philippines: Palau.

Amanda bested transsexual “Beauty Queen” Justine Ferrer and “Girl-Next-Door” Jef Gaitan based on the votes casted by the seven members of the jury.

During the merge, Amanda showed off her strength by winning individual immunity and reward challenges in succession.

To make it to the Final Three, Amanda beat Charles de Vera Fernandez in the tie-breaker face-off challenge during the tension-filled tribal council.

The truest match happened among the Final Three upon their return to the Philippines. Until this Friday’s Live Finale, it remained a big question as to whoever the jury favored.

Even program host Paolo Bediones was clueless of the results till the announcement of the last vote casted.

In the end, Amanda got four votes out of seven. She won the P3 million pot money, tax-free and the most prestigious title – Pinoy Sole Survivor.

Amanda plans to use her cash prize to build a house for her parents and to run a poultry farm in Mindoro.

Don’t miss the Survivor Philippines: Palau the Reunion this Sunday, November 15 on SNBO after Show Me The Manny.

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